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“A Different Spin: The DJ Story” is a riveting exploration of the Mobile DJ industry. The author, Michael Buonaccorso, co-founded Mobile Beat Magazine in 1991, and created the Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conferences, the first of which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1997. The info and ideas presented in the book are the result of a higher vantage point than most in an entire industry, but for that very reason he generally pisses off the readers. Is there some purpose to bother to be flexible enough to understand and explain the different sides of an issue anymore?

 “Mike’s writing certainly is sharp…It slices with clear spoken truth and wry wit–wit that might sting some, but for the general public, will make this trip through Mobile DJ history an enjoyable journey with an entertaining guide.”

Dan Walsh, Mobile Beat Magazine

 "I would like to hear Michael Buonaccorso speak at every Mobile DJ show, convention, conclave, and meeting—if I had a vote. He has insight and perspective that is totally unique in this "industry." And he has a very valuable message for Mobile DJs or anyone who would be a Mobile DJ. His book is a MUST-READ."

Mark Ferrell, Marbecca Workshops​​

"Mike, I’m quoting comments from your excellent book for one of my articles. You really tell it like it is. Good job; it’s a great read! It’s interesting how the Mobile DJ industry has evolved."
Mike Ryan, San Diego, CA